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OK, second day was a bit of a bust.

I *did* put a bunch of stuff away at the New Place, finally took down the holiday decorations, and cleaned some of the kitchen stuff brought over from the Old Place, but then we elected to take care of the Phone Situation. I've been using an old flip phone and the battery was starting to go. So off to the phone company.

As it happened, we couldn't use the prior phone a friend had given me after upgrading so I had to get a new new phone. Which was not something I planned to do but was something I knew was an option. Most important, I could keep my old phone number. End result - my phone bill upticked by about $25/month as I got my first smartphone, but I think I'll get enough utility out of it to justify that. It needed to be done, and my Friend from Out of Town was able to help me navigate getting a new one and making choices. I got an entry level phone with a minimal data plan, and the FfOoT and I are working out how I'm going to manage the account. If I need another upgrade, well, we'll see but this is where I'm starting. I'm not going to be gaming or watching movies on it. It did eat up what little gain I got from my most recent raise back at the end of October, but I can still pay the rent and eat.

What I didn't anticipate was the emotional toll this would take. Because this is when I sever yet another tie to my husband, eliminating his phone line, erasing him a little bit more from the world. So, after that, I was too emotionally exhausted to work on the Old Place. My FfOoT said nope, we're in for the day at the New Place, you've done enough, you need to rest and recharge.

So I did - we did some craft stuff (I knitted, she worked on her beading project), ate homemade chicken stew with homemade bread for dinner, brewed a real pot of real tea, talked, read, cruised the internet, poked at my new phone... and I slept a full eight hours and feel MUCH better this morning.

But - even if this was an "off" day I still put a bunch of stuff away where it belonged, took down holiday stuff, and continued with the cleaning both routine and connected to the move. And finally took care of the "phone thing". So, even if not a lot of progress still some progress.