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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
I just checked three online dictionaries, one of which is Merriam-Webster. Yep, they all agree illegal as a noun is derogatory.
And if I find one that doesn’t so classify it? Two? Three?

Near as I can tell, the original assertion is wrong at “one” — but since I honestly have no idea how anyone could get it so wrong in the first place, I honestly don’t know how many cites would be appropriate in the face of so much folly.

Besides behing dehumanizing, the term is a way to use negative language to generate hate against a particular group far out of proportion to their supposed crime. Those who use it to generate such hatred are manipulating other people. Try some critical thinking, TOWP.
What kicked off this whole digression? Someone responding to the use of ‘illegal’ as a noun by declaring that “people who aspire to human decency do not use "illegal" as a noun.” What was that meant to do? Why announce that the poster who just did so lacks human decency and doesn’t even aspire to human decency?

Why, it seems — dehumanizing? Seems like a — manipulative? — assertion that such people, no matter what else they do or say, flatly lack a human quality.

After all, why the heck else put that out there?

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