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Originally Posted by malleymia View Post
There really isn't much least between parlor and drawing room. Parlor is a term used in the US, while drawing room was a term used in Europe.
A parlour was, in mediaeval times (when a lot of life was lived communally), a room for private conversations (for the upper crust, naturally). But by Victorian times in Britain and Ireland, it would be used as meaning the "best" room for visitors, in lower class homes, often the front room on the ground floor, and definitely not to be used as an everyday sitting-room. If you could afford it, that's where you put the piano, the aspidistra and the anti-macassars, and kept it neat and tidy in case anyone came to call. Hence the old music-hall songs "If you're Irish, come into the parlour" and " When Father papered the parlour".

Middle and upper middles would have a drawing-room one floor up.

Not much used now that room uses themselves have changed, what with open-plan living/kitchen/diner/sitting spaces and so on.