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I think the answer is "social class." Only the upper class had drawing rooms, to which one would "withdraw" after dinner. Salons and parlors would seem to me to be indistinguishable, except it's my impression that in the past, either "salon" or "parlor" would be held by somebody to be a vulgar term (though I think maybe a "salon" would be a public receiving room in a high-class household). "Sitting room" again is an upper-class term for a room where the ladies would sit during the day, doing their needlework, I guess.

"Boudoir" is a room off a bedroom, where an upper-class woman might have a couch and maybe a toilet table. "Boudoir" comes from the French "bouder," to sulk. So I guess it's where ladies went to sulk when they didn't feel like going all the way to bed.