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Originally Posted by jnglmassiv View Post
I have experienced the 'meat from truck' pitch.

I was grilling in the alley at my former residence (far NW side of Chicago) three or four years ago. A man with a (guessing) Polish or Russian accent pulled up in a beater minivan and asked if I'd like to buy some meat, cheap. He opened the side door and I recoiled at the horrible stench of ... rotting meat. The floor of his van was covered in stained packer boxes. No way was he going to move any meat in this manner.

Honestly, it smelled so terrible, it was comical.
Geez, that's so totally awful it makes me think the man may have had some mental and/or substance abuse problems. It's hard to fathom anyone in a rational, clear-headed state of mind actually attempting this, much less thinking anyone would pay money for what is clearly garbage (no hyperbole).