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Originally Posted by Jas09 View Post
The same thing has begun to repeat with Petraeus, although that seems to have quieted a bit.

I think the cultural shift that accompanied the Vietman war dramatically changed the way the public viewed veterans. It is nowhere near the boon it was politically prior to that. The idea that a WWII draft-dodger could be elected president seems ridiculous, but Clinton dodging Vietnam was only a minor issue.
Puh-leeze. Clinton used political connections and got favors to avoid Vietnam, just like Bush. Excecpt Clinton didn't get into the Champagne Squadron of the Texas ANG and then drop out because they started testing for cocaine.

I don't think a Vietnam vet will ever get elected. From the ones I know personally and the ones whose writings I read, they tend toward being hyper-patriotic right-wingers. Not all of them, mind you, but a disproportionate number. Such people tend not to have the political savvy to compete in the political arena. So it's only a minority of an aging small set of people that could potentially get elected. Kerry was the best chance that a Vietnam vet will ever get.