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Cooking with roux in a crock pot

I am making beef stew (organic local meat only!) tomorrow in a crock pot, so it will cook for 8 hours. (I'll start the crock pot at noon.) I have done all the prep work tonight, including making about 2 cups of Tony Chachere's instant roux. I bought the stuff today while at the store because I wanted the stew to be thicker, and not just beef soup with chunks of vegetables. I also made Mirepoix to go in the stew.

My question is: should I put the roux into the crock pot tomorrow with all the other ingredients (cubed meat, mirepoix, red wine, etc), mix it all together and then start the cooking - or should I put the roux in after the stew is already cooked?

How do I make sure the roux mixes smoothly with the stew?