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Originally Posted by Diogenes the Cynic View Post
That's not a roux, though, it's a slurry. A roux is flour cooked in fat or oil. I assumed "instant roux" was some sort of jarred roux (which I've seen before). If it's just flour and spices, it's not a roux unless it's mixed with a fat.
I'm pretty sure no one is disagreeing with you, DtC. We all know the difference between a roux and a slurry. But the OP is asking about a product, called "instant roux", which you use like a slurry. Difference is: instead of just being flour or cornstarch, it's supposed to mimic the flavor of a roux. (Much like my little recipe).

Now you want to argue whether or not the instant stuff is a "roux" proper? Justin Wilson would slap us both for even discussing it. Of course not.

ETA: Just looked at Wikipedia... Justin Wilson has been dead for 10 YEARS! Man. It feels like yesterday.

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