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Turkish Foreign Minister says Turkey is ready for "any scenario."

The Turkish foreign minister has said that Ankara is ready for any scenario if Syria continues its crackdown on protests against President Bashar al-Assad, but that his country is opposed to a military option against its neighbour.

Ahmet Davutoglu, in an interview with television broadcaster Kanal 24 on Tuesday, said: "We hope that a military intervention will never be necessary.

"However, the Syrian regime has to find a way of making peace with its own people to eliminate this option. If the oppression continues, Turkey is ready for any scenario."

Davutoglu also said the international community may decide a buffer zone is needed in Syria if increasing numbers of people try to flee the violence there.

"If tens, hundreds of thousands of people start advancing towards the Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey borders, not only Turkey but the international community may be required to take some steps such as a buffer zone," he said.
Oh, and this is interesting:

Meanwhile, Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister dismissed calls for an arms embargo on Syria and warned against imposing ultimatums on Assad's government.

Speaking in Moscow on Tuesday after a meeting with the Icelandic foreign minister, Lavrov said that calls for an arms embargo on Syria were "unfair", adding that armed groups opposing the government had been supplied from the outside.

He drew parallels to the fighting in Libya, where he said the West armed the opposition forces despite a UN arms embargo.
Dude, if it's not unfair for third parties to pick a side in a conflict, then it's not unfair for them to support that side to, like, the exclusion of the other.

Conceivable scenario: There's a civil war in Syria. As in Libya, the rebels win with outside support -- but that of Turkey and the Arab League, not of the U.S. or NATO. Possible?

And, if Turkey were to attack Syria from the rear, would Greece help?

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