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I would not have told a soul in the first place, but now that you have, I'd start playing the "well, I decided against it" bit. What do you have to gain, really? I mean, really? "Liz" gives you a good reference? Why's she giving you a good reference, she should be wanting you to stay! Trust your instincts. Wrap it in a bag and throw it away. Nobody needs to know until you have the signed contract in your hand. THEN you can try to get more money from your current job, or move on.

Anyway, am I the only one that played the "I make x amount of money, when I really made x-15%?" Why would you want to enter someone who could disprove this into the scenario? Honesty schmonesty, if you need your current boss to help you get the job you need to stay in the same company. Be tough, be cool, be independent, and most of all, be DISCREET!!!! (but now play damage control and start dropping some sort of hints for a VERY GOOD excuse as to why you might need to be out of the office during working hours, because they are ALL watching you now. A Mom with a broken leg is a wonderful excuse for having to leave in a hurry. Got kids? Oops, one is sick at school. Etc. etc. Think man, think, but think ahead.)