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Different take...

I've got a different take on this... I used to work for a small private technical college as an IT instructor. I took the job because the northern colorado market went very soft. They knew when I was hired that I was taking a 60% paycut to join them, but I was taking the job because (1) it would look good on my resume, and (2) it was better than being unemployed for the year I thought it would take for the job market to recover. Because i was inexperienced at teaching, and they were taking a chance on me, I guaranteed that I would stay on staff for 1 academic year.

Around the time that the 1 year committment ended, I was assigned to a committee that was looking at improving academic quality. The sub-group I was assigned to look at instructor retention. By then, the job market was improving, and I had several offers on the table (good money, but would have involved moving away). I submitted a recommendation that the college start paying a competative wage, based on the fact that the college's mission statement included a phrase that said that they wanted the best skilled workers in the industry to teach the next generation.

My proposal was rejected flat out, with the reply being that the college "does not have to worry about competition from industry due to the soft job market." I told them right then and there that I would be accepting the next job offer, for whatever from wherever, just to prove my point. Others in my department have joined me.

Bottom line, 6 weeks later, of the 4 employees in the IT academic department, here are the results:

2 have accepted 100% increases in salary from local fortune 100 companies and have resigned
1 is taking a 6 month sabbatical to be a consultant out of state for a 250% increase in salary
1 is on sabbatical to obtain his doctorate.

We have been replaced with a former instructor (who left because of burnout) and a part-timer from another department whose prior work experience in IT was on a help desk.

Petty and mean, I know, but from my point of view the college's response has been entirely Dilbert-esqe -- we want the best in the industry, but they also need to be salary-savants. Bottom line, I guess the best time to tell that you're looking should be based on how well (or badly) you are being treated in your current job,

Sorry for being long winded.