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Holy crap, you people have had some shitty jobs/bosses!!

If your employer has treated you poorly, then I could (maybe) understand not saying a word until you hand in your notice. Otherwise, I can't understand why you wouldn't use your current boss as a reference. It's only been about 3 years since I was last in the market for a job, and at every single interview I went on they asked if they could contact my current boss for a reference. In fact I wanted them to contact him, because I knew I'd done good work and that the reason I was leaving wasn't his (or the company's) fault. Not only that, but around here people get suspicious if you aren't willing to have them contact your current boss. It looks like you have something to hide.

When I started going on interviews I asked my boss and a project manager if they would be willing to act as references for me, and that's when they found out I was job hunting. Not only did I want the references, it also just seemed like the right thing to do.