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Originally Posted by Martini Enfield
Inspired by This thread on whether or not the Space Shuttle can defend itself, it's gotten me wondering: Has anyone ever fired a gun in space or on the moon? I can't imagine it would be possible to actually hold or operate a firearm in a conventional space suit
With some clumsiness, it would be possible. Some weapons have removable trigger guards so they can be fired while wearing thick mittens in cold weather. I imagine the same would apply to space suits.

That said, I'm pretty certain the answer is "no" and 100% certain it's "no" for the on-the-moon part of your question. The followup question is "why would anyone have wanted to?" It's a bizarre way to measure gravity.

I'm pleased we didn't immediately get someone posting "but a gun can't fire in a vacuum, where would the oxygen come from." You usually get that at least once in these threads.