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Originally Posted by Johnny L.A. View Post
I have to apologise to everyone. I seem to be unable to make myself clear lately.

I'm not interested in the origin of Santa Claus, nor of the origin of his modern depiction. I only mentioned him because he wears a style of hat that is closely associated with him. When I asked the question I thought that my implication was that I was asking about the origin of a certain style of headwear, and that my allusion to Santa Claus was merely a way of describing the style of cap without having to go into detail (which I did later anyway). Clearly I failed.

I appreciate the link to the Phrygian cap, which seems similar. The suggestion that the specific style of cap originated in Germany sounds plausible. But until I can figure out a way to ask my question that does not produce answers that involve Santa Claus or Christmas, it sounds as if the question is unanswerable.
I think it's from a Thomas Nast drawing from the 1800s.

Merry Christmas!