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Originally Posted by Jragon View Post
It's basically just a little easter egg signature that appears in a lot of Capcom games. Kind of Hitchcock appearing in his own films or whatever. Just little studio quirks.
Well, it performs as an actual bonus or power-up in games. Like in Ghost and Goblins, it's actually in the manual and there are three variations of it: one is just a bonus of 5000 points, one increases your life by 30 seconds, one decreases your life by 30 seconds. (It is one of seven objects, though, labeled as "hidden characters.")

In 1942, I think it's a 5000 point bonus, too.

ETA: Apparently, this is the first instance of it, from Capcom's Vulgus. In that game, it's an enemy (see at around 1:40). It was also Capcom's first game, so far as I can tell, so I can see how it became a symbol.

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