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Flow and total volume aren't directly related like that. If I put a splitter on a hose and divert 75% of the flow into a 5 gallon bucket and 25% of the flow into a pint glass, then collect all the overflow from both to recirculate via the hose again, at steady state the pint glass will get 25% of the flow but only hold 2% of the volume (1/41 pints).

Cerebral blood volume, the amount of blood in a given amount of brain tissue, is very roughly 4 ml/100 g. So weigh a wet brain and back-calculate from there to get the blood volume in the brain parenchyma: surprisingly low at about 56 ml for a 1400g brain. That wouldn't count the blood in the sinuses or vessels on the brain surface, or all the vessels of the scalp, face, neck, etc.

I'd be more worried about the spray from the part of the corpse that still had a beating heart in it.