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My instructor told me the same thing as to what Crafter Man's son told him, about roads are not really a good place to land in an emergency. But he certainly didn't rule it out either, and there are times he says it's your best option.

My instructor commented about how good the road looks from up in the air. But when you get down closer, you realize many obstacles become much more obvious, highline wires and poles, signage, other things, traffic in rural areas is pretty much a non-issue.

Of course, my plane at the time had a 34' wing span. The one I fly now is only 23', so the roads are looking a lot better. It's easy to work your way in with the traffic too, but in an urban area, if possible, it's best to stay high enough to where you can clear those areas. About the only thing you see that might be viable to land in a congested area are golf courses of which many a pilot has landed on including Harrison Ford.