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Originally Posted by jayjay View Post
I wasn't aware that she was in charge of anything. My impression has been that she's been mostly Obama's PR stand-in, which IS a traditional "First Lady duty".
I honestly do not know. She is certainly highly qualified to do more than PR. First Ladies used to be known as PR / ribbon cutters (funny - that is what VPs were too in many administrations - they get funeral duty).

Hillary's work on health care raised the question of what IS the First Lady in terms of Federal Government oversight (from the OP's link):

Issa’s amendment would have effectively overturned a 1993 federal appeals court decision which held that First Lady Hillary Clinton could be considered the equivalent of a federal employee. The court ruled that Clinton’s involvement in a presidential Health Care Task Force was not enough to render the group an outside advisory panel which had to meet in public and disclose its records. After the health reform effort cratered, the Clinton Administration gave up the legal fight and released the records.
In a perfect world, Issa would be helping to clean up the uncertainty of the role of the First Lady, as we begin to get more First Ladies that are qualified for policy work. He would be trying to make sure that if Hillary were elected, Bill would have a clean role to undertake without running afoul of Constitutional and other Federal Law concerns in regards to status. Issa would even be looking forward to the day when a Republican goes back into the White House and has a spouse ready for action as well.

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