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Originally Posted by Crane View Post
At the DMZ, North Korea is facing 21st century ordnance with WW2 weapons and strategy. Cluster bombs are cheaper and more effective than nuclear. In the forested hills of central Korea incendiaries can initiate fire storms. Cruise missiles can take out ammunition dumps. The concentration of targets along a single line is ideal for attack. Something like the distance from San Jose to Sacramento CA. The North could not sustain a meaningful response for more than a few minutes.
Yes, also the US could so a surprise first strike with Stealth B-2 bombers and cruise missiles, then follow that up with wave after wave of B-52's. Yes the North has artillery in bunkers but the US has bunker buster bombs and also, how many of the Artillery crews are really going to stay manning their positions under continuous bombardment?

IMO, the threat to Seoul from the norths artillery has always been exaggerated. The major obstacles to a US first strike are really about getting China to at least stay out of it even if they complain and second the wild card of NK's Nukes.