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Originally Posted by XT View Post
I think lil' Kimmy 3.0 has put to bed any speculation that he isn't fully in charge at this point. Hell, he's had several of the general staff (at least one of who was a relative...uncle I think) executed in spectacular ways (one by anti-aircraft gun IIRC).

As for reunification, last I heard the younger South Korean's aren't too keen but the older generation still would be willing to try.
The fact that Jong Un is constantly shaking up, demoting and killing people is more a sign of a weak leader who is afraid of his underlings. I don't recall his father or grandfather behaving like that.

Kim Jong Il was middle aged when he took over, and he had been in government for 20 years at that point. Jong Un was barely 30 and had virtually no government experience when he took over. Korean culture tends to respect elders, so having a 30 year old with no experience run a country supposedly had some cultural pushback.

I have no idea what the future holds for NK. But I think Kim is dealing with credibility issues by constantly shaking up his underlings.