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Originally Posted by Wesley Clark View Post
No they didn't. Kim Jong Un has supposedly demoted, transferred, arrested or executed up to half of the higher ups in North Korea in the last few years. That wasn't happening under his father or grandfather.

Five defense ministers in five years while his father only had 3 (and two died of old age) in 17 years? It is not the same situation.
Yes, they did. Your point seems to be that Jong Un has killed a lot more. I don't dispute that. He has. But that's not necessarily a sign of weakness in North Korea. You'd need to dig into WHY he's purging more people, and I think it has to do with the fact that his daddy and his daddies cronies were in bed with a faction in China that has since been purged (for the most part) by Xi's 'corruption' campaign. At this point, just about ALL of the Chinese advocate factions in North Korea are under the gun (literally), since relations are...strained.

Again, this isn't an indication of weakness on lil' Kimmy 3.0's part...just the opposite. He is ABLE to do a wide-ranging purge without anyone basically telling him no. Your assertion would be like saying Stalin was weak in the 30's because of the massive purges he did during that time.