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Nothing to add except to say that I recently got back into playing after buying a left-handed Hagstrom Deluxe-F this summer.

After years of not playing much (due to either being too busy with the kids, or having cheap guitars that were un-fun to play) I finally decided that I wanted to get a decent guitar, and make time to play at least a few hours a week,. After a few weeks of playing regularly, I feel like I did when I was 15 and "discovered" the power chord.

And I love my Hagstrom - while it was only around $450, it is by far the most playable guitar I've ever had. The neck is super-fast, the action is great - the only beef I have is the electronics, since it's a bit buzzy. But I can always get it re-wired. And I'm using a Zoom G1n multi-effects pedal for a practice amp - after years of playing through crappy practice amps, I never realized what a bit of reverb and some decent amp modelling could do for my confidence. Plus I can line in to my PC and play along to iTunes.

Damn, I love the guitar. . .