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Great idea for a thread; gj.

E, I was gonna suggest you take a look at the Pignose amps. I have 2 and they both sound great: the original, and the 20.

For your guitar, I suggest that you look at something other than a Strat. You already have a Strat, right? Branch out and try something new. I'd point you to Schecter Guitars for reasonably priced guitars with outstanding craftsmanship. I have a C-1 and not only is it a great looking guitar, it's fun as hell to play, and it didn't cost me 3 months pay.

I'd also suggest you take a look at I was going to suggest you look at the Hohner G3T, but I see they've been discontinued. I got mine for about $400 and it came with a gig bag (a soft case). Plays great, sounds terrific, and is small and light enough to take on a plane without any fuss. Check it out: I found one on ebay still being bid on, and the price is currently only $102. So if you're patient and look, you should be able to find one of these for something under the original retail price, maybe.

Songs: I'm working on about 8 songs atm, since I hope to have Logic Pro in a couple of weeks. I'm not really working on any covers; I rarely care to do more than figure out the basic riffs of a song, then play it My Way™.

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