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Originally Posted by BigShooter View Post
On most strat type guitars, each bridge saddle is adjusted by a corresponding small philips head screw on the backside of the bridge...
Well, that done did it, indeed! Also, I just found out that my tuner only recognizes the notes of the open strings.

Hm. You know, this thing is settling up decently. One last issue. My A string. When I pluck it, _something_ vibrates in... not harmony, no. More like 'in annoying buzz'. The strings above and below it are tuned properly, so they shouldn't be resonating.
Any ideas on what that is?

(I can't believe how much easier this is to practice with now it's not cutting fine lines into my skin every time I slide past a fret.)

Quasi, the problem is, I have about $100 worth of guitar. Technically, it's a stratocaster, but it's not _really_. However, thanks to you guys, and a little letting go of pointless frustration, I'm back on my original plan. Make all my mistakes on this piece of junk, keep working, and then get a good guitar later. (and give this to my dad who always wanted one.)

As far as the Pignose, I've got a Squier-10. But the microamp I just got is a Fender-1. 1 blazing amp of power. Runs off a 9-Volt, so I don't have to worry about finding an outlet to plug in. This is important.
It's pretty quiet, but it's working for me.

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