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Originally Posted by WordMan View Post

(that was my attempt at demonic laughter now that my dastardly scheme has been revealed...)

Yep - G.A.S. ain't pretty. BubbaDog - I played a pre-war Martin dreadnaught a few weeks ago which was selling for as much as a decent car and it was amazing...everything they are legendarily supposed to be (they are held up as the acoustic equivalent of a 1959 sunburst Gibson Les Paul). And damn if I have not been looking for angles to go after that guitar, some of which I might be actually able to work out (yeah right)...if it weren't for those meddling kids! (cue Scooby Doo theme)...

ETA: 6 guitars?! 2 amps?! I am so proud of you! What all have you scored??
I thought about listing my stuff but then thought that might work best as a separate subject.

So I started this thread.