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Originally Posted by Shark View Post
If anyone is interested in a step-by-step, very well documented recreation of a 1959 Les Paul Burst, then look here on the TDPRI, a telecaster forum. .
Have I mentioned I hate you I have a big document to review and I am stuck in that darn thread.

- He trashed a real PAF pickup in order to get the design specs right? That's a $3,000 - $5,000 pickup right there...
- He claims that the "secret" (such as there actually is one) of a PAF pickup is the wire and the windings? I bet he is correct about that being a critical factor, but none of the other stuff?
- He asserts that 50's Les Pauls had to be made with African Mahogany, i.e., Limba wood, aka "Korina" not Honduran mahogany? If that is in any way true, that would be like saying the reason you love old Mustangs is because they really have Chevy engines. Seriously, in geek circles that is a recipe for flame wars I can't even begin to imagine the scope of...

Oy. Back to work. I hate you (seriously - fascinating stuff - thanks).

And BigShooter - sounds fascinating.

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