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Originally Posted by Shark View Post
If anyone is interested in a step-by-step, very well documented recreation of a 1959 Les Paul Burst, then look here on the TDPRI, a telecaster forum. This is just one of a number of meticulous builds that Gil Yaron, a luthier in Israel has documented. .
Just dipping in here to say that I got through about 20 pages of that currently-41-page thread.


Hands down - no contest. I am so not worthy of the geek title in relation to that thread it is not even funny. Not only do you get a step-by-step, photo-by-photo breakdown of building a truly hand-made, luthier-built guitar like a Les Paul (vs. a parts-o-caster - granted, BigShooter actually makes his parts vs. me who just buys and assembles, so his stuff counts a lot more than mine in terms of "craft") - but the thread is chock full of 1950's Gibson general / Les Paul specific geekery about how the guitars are made, magnetic properties of pickups, types of wood used with Latin species name squabbling...

I have actually fainted while typing this from all the geekery - but that thread is so powerful good that it is keeping my hands moving...

Shark - I owe you one, buddy; thanks.