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Originally Posted by Craneop2 View Post
Not to hijack this thread, But I reckon I need a lil critique here.

A freind gave me an old acoustic guitar a few years back and I plunked around on it for a long time. He gave me a few lessons and I worked at it diligently for a few years. Learned all the basic open chords and maybe a little more, nothing special at all.

My sister came by right before my birthday last month aand asked why I never play any more and I told her quite frankly that the guitar HURT to play. I never had the action or anything checked and it hurt like the dickens to finger the frets!

She had her husband take me to town and told him to buy me a guitar.. My choice.$150.00 limit. Found a Yamaha SE 200 in a pawn shop and whittled the guy to $90.00.

It plays like a dream compared to the old accoustic and sounds OK with an old squire 15 amp I bought YEARS ago.

Did I get a good deal? Is it an OK guitar for an old guy just picking up the guitar again?

You guys are the reason I caught the fever again.. My wife thanks you! Gets me outta her hair for a few hours every day!

BTW Most of your conversations on this subject are greek to me! I figure maybe by pure osmosis I can pick up some knowlege.
Like this guitar? (link to some sort of online classified with a pic)

If so - then heck yeah, you did great! As a rule Yamaha's are well-made guitars and an electric can be much easier to play vs. a poorly set-up acoustic. Good on ya.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the geekery - as for the Greek, feel free to ask for explanations - we geeky types can then squabble over the details.