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Originally Posted by BigShooter View Post
Bolding mine...

Wordman I know you don't mean to insinuate that my guitar making skills are subpar, so I'm not pissed or anything
Absolutely not, sir - your stuff looks really cool.

Why, in your eyes, do you think a Les Paul is anymore of a "hand-made, luthier-built guitar" than a Caster of some sort?
Okay - I am between meetings on a heavy day, but want to log in a few thoughts:

- When viewed as a tool for a guitarist, set-necks and bolt-ons are simply different design / build groups - one is not better than the other.

- When it comes to the equivalent steps that both guitars share - e.g., shaping the back of or fretting a neck; finishing the guitar; selecting and setting up the electronics and giving the overall guitar a final playability set-up - the two types are equivalent.

- Bolt-ons are easier to assemble.
> I can, and have, bolted a new neck onto a new body and checked it for true, shimmed it where necessary to get a better neck angle, etc. I can't, and won't, carve out a dove-tail joint and set a neck into a body and glued it. Even if I got the parts pre-carved and ready-to-glue I am sure I would blow the clamping or something.
> I can't carve an arch top onto a body like a Les Paul has. Non-issue on most Bolt-ons. In fact, when Gibson decided to go with the Les Paul in '52, finally goaded into solid-body land because of the success of the Broad (renamed Tele) caster, they specifically went with a carved top so the guitar looked more craft-made vs. the "you can make it with a bandsaw" construction of a Fender...

So I guess I am in the Groucho Marx camp - I have a deeper appreciation for stuff I can't do. Again, I can't actually make a bolt-on body - I bought mine pre-carved on line - nor did I finish it myself, which is why I tip my hat to you...

Whaddya think?

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