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Originally Posted by Kable View Post
There's always a chance. What do you think of this?

Isn't it great to see a 65 year old woman chase out 5 armed robbers?
I think that as long as you post videos, I'll be ignoring your posts. I'm simply not willing to commit to them that much. See, with an article, I can scan it, get the gist, and decide whether or not to follow up in more detail. Elapsed time 10-15 secs. Maybe 20-25 if the intrawebs are being crawly that day. With video, first there's load time, then I have to watch the video - at its pace. Elapsed time is probably in the minutes range. So I don't bother. Your choice, but since you're the one trying to convince me (and people like me)* of the correctness of your position then it's to your benefit to make your argument in a compelling way. Youtube ain't it for a lot of us.

* Please note that I have posted neither for nor agin the OP, I am the "undecided", the "needs convincing". I am your audience since you guys sure aren't going to change each other's minds.