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Originally Posted by Lobohan View Post
Not many people want to outlaw shotguns. So I don't see how that's in the least bit relevant.
Actually I think a number of people on the gun-control side want exactly that. Here's a recent admission posted on this very forum just yesterday.

Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
If some of us had our druthers, all guns would be banned.
It seems pretty clear to me that they know they can't get what they want now so they are going for a little at a time. I think the preferred term for that is incrementalism, and I do think incrementalism is their best shot towards their ultimate goal. A number of gun rights advocates know this and that's why they oppose it.

Also if you look up the proposals of the 1994 assault weapon ban, you will see that some shotguns, very suitable for home defense, were in fact banned. I forget though, did that have a measurable effect on crime?