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But there is something the government can do to curb these killings -- actually investigate them, and prosecute them harshly when the cops didn't have a good reason to shoot.
I think what gets me about all of this is not that some of these incidents happen, but that there seems, in so many cases, to be insufficient concern among those in authority about taking concrete steps to punish police misconduct or to change police culture in order to reduce incidents like this. If police knew that excessive force and other types of misconduct were considered unacceptable, not just by tree-hugging liberals and government-hating libertarians, but by their own colleagues and bosses and district attorneys, and that it would be punished with termination and/or criminal prosecution, they might be less likely to engage in such behavior.

And this is one area where the argument about most cops being good cops falls down a bit, in my opinion. I think that most cops probably are decent people who want to do their job properly, but the problem is that even the good cops—whether regular patrol cops or high-ranking officers—often seem unwilling to push for strong, independent investigations, and often seem more interested in holding the blue wall together than in actually seeing justice done. Those cops shouldn't complain when the public begins to see them as just another part of the problem.

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