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Originally Posted by Steophan View Post
You have an interesting idea of "executed". I wouldn't use it for someone who gets killed because they threaten police - who have a warrant - with a shotgun. Darwin award contender right there.
Here's another link.

Mitchel Shook, the attorney for the Hooks family says that this ‘tip’ should not have been enough probable cause for the sheriff’s office to issue the warrant.

Shook told WMAZ, “The drug task force and the Laurens County Sheriff’s response team arrived at David and Teresa Hooks home unannounced by emergency lights or sirens.”
He says Teresa Hooks, David’s wife, looked outside and saw people with hoods during the evening of the drug search. He says she woke her husband up, thinking the burglars were back. He says Hooks then armed himself.
Shook says there was no knock and announce, unlike what the initial release from the Sheriff’s office stated.
“The task force and the SRT members broke down the back door of the family’s home and entered, firing an excessive sixteen shots.There is no evidence that David Hooks ever fired a weapon.”
What would you do?

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