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Shodan, I guess you blew right past "Miranda-like" with emphasis on the "-like".

At any rate, unless and until there's a court case making such a protocol the law of the land as it were (advisable protocol if you want to avoid issues later), the matter is left to the discretion/policy of a given law enforcement unit, and such protocol changes tend to be based purely on political or financial motivators (lawsuit losses or civil rights investigations).

True, a Miranda warning is not required merely because one has been arrested (another persistent myth/bit of misinformation thanks to television). But then also a persistent myth is the notion that police always issue one when they should. It's not on the top of the to-do list except when video'ing the interaction before commencement of questioning.

Cops not being on average any more bright than any other person, it will take a good long while to sink in that prudence and operating by the book is best if for no other reason than that they must presume their actions are being recorded and by a means that they won't be able to foil or make disappear.