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Originally Posted by delphica View Post
They said in an early episode that the page that had Leakin Park also included other parts of the area where the kids would have been going in their normal lives.
True, but how often do you consult a map for an area you live near? I am not alleging there isn't an innocuous explanation, but rather that it is one more thing in a long list of things that in somewhat suspicious.

Originally Posted by delphica View Post
I remember doing that, ripping out the page in the city atlas that I used the most so that it was handy.
I don't believe the missing page was recovered though.

Originally Posted by VarlosZ View Post
We've been brought up by television to believe that "means, motive, and opportunity" (MMO) is the be-all and end-all of criminal jurisprudence -- it's probably not a coincidence that brickbacon chose to put it at the end of his list. However, it's actually a pretty useless concept to everyone except prosecutors hoping to snow a jury.
I disagree. As guizot stated, it is a pretty good means of eliminating people as suspects. Yes, it is not the end all be all, but it is very useful. The issue with your apple example is that SOMEONE actually did buy the apple, so if I know it was only either person A or B, and person B is completely broke (lacks means), hates apples (lacks motive), or is working any time the one places that sells apples in his area is open (lacks opportunity), I can be pretty sure it was it was person A who bought the apple. Yes, it's not going to be completely determinative in a case with multiple suspects who all have those things, but in case where that isn't the case, it's a great shorthand.