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Here's a very detailed discussion of every call and how it fits into the various narratives that makes the case that Jay was the murderer.

Honestly, this story seems much more compelling than the one offered by either the prosecution or by Jay. It fits a timeline that makes sense and pretty much the only piece of cell phone evidence that doesn't fit into the narrative is the early call to Nisha, which also doesn't fit into any other narrative.

Also, I hadn't realized until I read this, but the 2:36 call, the one that the prosecution claims is the "I'm at Best Buy, come pick me up" call, is only 5 seconds long. That's very short even for a call with just that info.

I'm leaning toward "Jay did it, Jenn helped him cover it up" much more after reading the above. It has a lot going for it:

1. Jay and Jenn's timeline/alibi doesn't really work at all because he calls her house several times during the period they both claim they were together at her house.
2. Jay is the one who disposes of the shovels after wiping them clean of prints.
3. Jay is clearly lying about so many things.