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Episode 10 is up!

Holy crap! The Prosecutor basically hired the defense attorney for Jay?! WTF?!

And I'm very glad that SK starts off the episode by discussing the potential casual racism that may have existed (under the guise of "culture" rather than "religion"). Maybe it means more to me being a second generation immigrant who is ethnically Pakistani myself. The woman who spoke about it being because he's Muslim sounds like something like my dad would exactly say. And some of the jurors comments just chilled me to the bone. It's an interesting idea to explore this week, after the grand jury decisions of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

There was interesting discussion about Adnan's lawyer as well. It was interesting to note that she was seemingly starting get really, really sick around the time of the second trial. It was very interesting to know that the lawyer was fantastic in the first trial, and seemingly much more so than the second one when it appeared she was going downhill. Asking for high levels of money in cash is really strange. I also think it was interesting that SK addressed the ineffective assistance of counsel news that came out this week - it really makes it obvious that she is putting this together week to week.