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Originally Posted by Lamia View Post
But IIRC, the reason the police never considered Hae's boyfriend Don a serious suspect was because (unlike Adnan) he did have a solid alibi for January 13. He was at work. I'm guessing he wasn't at work for the next day or two because of the January 14 ice storm, though. Could Hae have been with Don at that time, either because she voluntarily snuck off to his place on January 13 or because he abducted her? That seems like the sort of thing the police should have checked up on. Perhaps they did, but if so I don't think it's been mentioned on the podcast.
I know we're getting close to the end of the series, and time is getting tight, but I still feel like we might get at least a segment of one of the remaining episodes called "Okay, so who is this Don guy?" because it feels like there has been SO little information about him.