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Originally Posted by Vashbul View Post
Hi, I started this thread back in September, it didn't go anywhere, and I assumed there was no interest. How wrong I was.
You SAY you started the thread in September, but I have evidence that you actually started it in October!

Sorry, I don't mean that to be snarky, I just thought it was funny given the nature of Serial that you'd make a mistake about the date.

Question: Do you think the series has been fair in the way it presents information? Is focusing on one particular aspect each week (Jay's story, the defense at Adnan's trial, piecing together the timeline, etc.) is a good way to proceed or an artificial construct that may make for more interesting listening but doesn't necessarily serve our greater understanding of a case where all facts are not equal and all points of view don't deserve equal time? How would you have done it differently?
Well, any way of presenting the information is going to involve some artificial construct. Chronological order would be difficult since we don't know exactly what happened when -- and there'd be no mystery if we did. Serial could have been modeled more on the way information is presented in court, with the case against Adnan presented in the first half of the series (or first half of each episode, I guess) and the case for him presented in the second half...but that's a totally artificial construct too and would have required or at least encouraged Koenig to ignore evidence that didn't strongly point to Adnan's guilt or innocence.

A more trial-like format wouldn't have left much room to address the problems with Adnan's actual trial, either. I think Serial had been fair about acknowledging that there are two big questions here, and that they might have different answers: whether Adnan is actually guilty of Hae's murder and whether he should have been convicted of this murder. At this point it seems clear that there were some major problems with Gutierrez's defense of Adnan, but that's not proof that he's innocent. It's just evidence that he might have been found "not guilty" if he'd had a better lawyer.