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Originally Posted by Maserschmidt View Post
As for Sarah Koenig, she's definitely reached the point where she's a little smitten with the whole story, and has lost the sense of journalistic impartiality, if she ever had it. Then again, This American Life has always walked a line of claiming to be journalism, but a form of journalism that invokes fictional narrative techniques...which to me isn't necessarily journalism to begin with.
I agree, though I don't necessarily fault her for it. As you say, this is more "story telling" than journalism.

One thing I really hope to see in one way or another after the final episode is Koenig stepping out of the narrator POV mode and reflecting on the whole concept of Serial and her role in the story. Preferably we'd see her interviewed by someone not involved in the production of the show. I know she's done some interviews, but I've been avoiding most online discussion of the show (SDMB excepted) for fear of encountering spoilers.