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Originally Posted by MaxTheVool View Post
I think it's a misuse of the term to say that the video itself is propaganda. If someone trumpets it as somehow proving some huge point or settling the issue or being the be-all answer to all questions about Ferguson and Garner and so forth, then it would be being USED as propaganda. But as it is, it's just what it seems to be. A guy who had been stridently anti-police (in the context of these encounters) got a very brief experience of what it's like to be a cop in a difficult encounter, and found it eye-opening. Doesn't mean he reversed his basic position on the issue. Doesn't mean he started marching for the other side.

And saying "people should comply with the police (implied: when the police have guns trained on them)" for their own safety is hardly a radical or controversial suggestion (barring crazy hypotheticals involving clearly corrupt cops ordering you to do illegal or dangerous things).
Did you read the linked article? It specifically points out that the video is propaganda because, among other things, it limits the interaction between the newly minted (and completely untrained) 'policeman' and the unarmed (but very threatening) 'civilian' to "shoot or be attacked". No alternative measures offered. No stun gun, no physical restraint training, no baton, no training in defusing a potentially dangerous situation, no nothing - just a gun in hand. Now, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if that is exactly how the Maricopa County Sheriff's department is taught to deal with civilians, but... really? That's what we want police to do?
Read the article, it's much better at explaining why the video is propaganda than I am.