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Originally Posted by BigAppleBucky View Post
I searched "Iowa" in this thread and it came back negative - so SIAP.

White University of Iowa student get busted. Cop thought, however, that he was Hispanic. Cops lies shown by their own dash cam.

No "near miss";

Gets abused even though his hands are on his head and he repeated screamed so:

Here's his Q&A from the comment section of the video. (I hope this extensive quote does not violate any rule here. It's not from a published source.)

1) Q: Did you edit the video in any way?
A: No. The video is presented exactly as it was given to me. Absolutely nothing is cut from the beginning of the video and it only ends when I am in handcuffs.

2) Q: It's not obvious that you didn't nearly get hit by the car in the video since the part isn't visible on the screen. Are you sure you didn't get hit by a car?
A: We've got the interior camera from the police car which faces to the rear. I was absolutely not almost hit by a car. Here's a link to that:


FWIW I watched the student's presentation of the police cam and thought the officer came off much better than the student. Based on the video I would have guessed that the guy was intoxicated and maybe mentally deficient. The cop seemed polite until he grew exasperated, he didn't seem bullying. If the student was as oblivious as his taped responses make him seem, i can totally believe a Campus Cop was worried about his safety.

The student walked away from the cop and the cop car, ignoring the cop telling him to stop many times. Then the student was talking like he was taking stimulants, talking compulsively, asking if he was free to go before the cop could establish anything like a dialog.

I haven't read anything else about the incident, or what injuries were sustained, but the student seemed pretty well separated from normal reality.