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Originally Posted by Fear Itself View Post
Why would I want to give up anything? That's a pretty unrealistic expectation. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sooner or later the steady increase in horrific gun violence will turn public opinion against easy, unfettered access to guns on demand. The longer you postpone dealing with it, the more Draconian the solutions they demand will be. You can't just kick the can down the road without consequences.
I won't begrudge your opinion here, as long as you aren't asking for nor complaining about the lack of compromise. I would say that recent history does not align to your view - gun violence has not been steadily increasing, and public opinion has not been turning.

I expect technology will play a part in the future landscape of gun laws. I'm hopeful 3D printing makes the idea that guns can be banned an anachronism. Look at the recent SCOTUS ruling about gay marriage. A marriage in one state must be recognized in another state. Imagine if the same logic applied to concealed carry permits? Places like CA would be up in arms that non-residents enjoy greater civil rights than residents and the laws would tumble.

You may be optimistic about what the future holds - so am I.