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Let's try a hypothetical test. No facts here, just common sense. Everyone may not agree to the answer but I know what mine would be.

Two separate homeowners are in identical yet separate situations. Sleeping in his upstairs bedroom late at night, the homeowner hears glass break, muffled voices, and movement. Peering downstairs, the homeowner sees two criminals who are armed with knives and baseball bats. They see the homeowner and aggressively rush towards him. In the few seconds that have transpired so far, the homeowner realizes they are nobody he knows.

Homeowner X has a flashlight and a phone in his hand and can dial 9-1-1 in less than 1 second.

Homeowner Y has a flashlight in his hand, and a handgun tucked in his belt behind him (the bands of his underwear and shorts he sleeps in). He is trained and comfortable in his use of firearms and tactical situations.

Which homeowner has the better chance at defending his life, and the lives of the rest of his family including an attractive 16-yo daughter asleep upstairs? Not to mention his gorgeous wife?

Remember: when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

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