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Originally Posted by Jeep's Phoenix View Post
Corporate IT has instituted a new group policy that not only makes Internet Explorer (with add-ons blocked, naturally) the only browser that can be used on company computers, but they're also forcing everyone to have the same settings --
The last place I worked had a corporate IT policy that everybody have the same computer desktop wallpaper. Believe me, I tried to change mine and it was locked down. I learned to tolerate the mediocre wallpaper they used until HR got involved and used it as a platform to force the workplace wellness program down our throats. Specifically the one where if you got a physical, had your doctor sign an affidavit for such and submitted a silly insurance plan quiz in order to get a discount on your premiums. I hate those, and don't need it rammed down my throat. It's none of the company's business if I see a doctor or when or what for.