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Originally Posted by JcWoman View Post
Much later, I finally - FINALLY - learned that the main reason this engineering team didn't finish their half-done products or document anything was because they didn't have a budget. Yeah, WTF! Basically they worked on things they were asked to for a very precise and limited amount of money and when the money ran out, they stopped working on it.
Good for them. A very good boss once told me to never, ever commit to doing the same amount of work on a reduced budget. A, they will cut it some more, B, if you put in some slack to deal with emergencies you lose it, and when the emergency hits you are screwed. Or C, everyone works 12 hours a day, gets burned out, and makes mistakes to make up for the inadequate budget. And will almost certainly not get thanked for it.
People like you are collateral damage, alas.