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On a semi-related note, WTF is going on with the listings on USAJOBS?

I'm a Federal worker (hence all the red tape issues above) and have been looking to relocate since February. Up to July, I didn't have much luck with jobs (only 1 interview), but there were at least some jobs in the locations I'm considering. I always found 1-3 per month that were worth an application.

I took a class on completing Federal applications in late July. The instructor mentioned that there were always a bunch of jobs posted right around September 30th as Fed agencies figured out how much money they'd have for openings by the end of September, which is the end of the Federal fiscal year.

Or not. Since that class, the postings have essentially dried up in all the areas I've been searching. They haven't increased elsewhere; they just don't really exist. But Midwest/upper South locations? I can't find them with a search party. And now with my good supervisor gone and no one telling us how he'll be replaced, I'm feeling desperate. Fuck!

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