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Originally Posted by Snowboarder Bo View Post
It doesn't really matter that he was the kid's parent; IMO, the friend who wrote a letter is exhibiting equally indefensible behavior. What's unethical about it is that it minimizes and tries to blame the victim and does not acknowledge the seriousness of the crime. Do you think Dan Turner would be okay with a sentence of 6 months in county for the guy who raped his wife? Do you think he would accept the same arguments he proffered?

It is possible to plea for mercy without denigrating the person your loved one has already victimized. By dragging this thru the court for a year, where was the entire Turner family's consideration for the victim? Brock Turner was guilty; instead of accepting his guilt, they've done nothing but deflect and deny. To me, that alone is unethical behavior but perhaps to you, anything at all is fine if it's done in defense of a loved one, even when that loved one has committed a heinous act.
Exactly. The way to write a letter like this is to emphasize what he was like before the crime. Hard worker at his sport and school, community service, all stuff like that. Delicately put how the crime itself was so at odds with his previous character, without in any way denying he committed it. But making it into "He lost his appetite, that's punishment enough" and "Besides, both of them were drunk" is completely the wrong way to plead for leniency.

Or maybe not, since apparently Judge Pricksy took all the letters he received at face value, even when they claimed things that were clearly untrue.