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Originally Posted by Typo Negative View Post
Who's life is over? After a hockey season in the pen, he'll walk around free as a bird. Daddy may send him to live in Europe for a couple of years. Then his looks will have changed a bit, the media uproar will have died, he can come back and do just about anything that doesn't splash his face over the internet. There's already plenty of folks who think he's the victim here.

And he can redeem himself. The first step would be to fess up, which he hasn't done yet.
- He is a registered sex offender.
- Attempting to finish college will result in attention from the campus women's center, for those campuses who will accept him
- Any company that runs a background check will quietly find a way not to hire him
- Anyone searching his name will find the case

So he would need to move to Europe, join the Foreign Legion, get a new name (if they still do that). Of course, if he changes his name he has to notify his parole officer (per an article I read). So it will take awhile for him to break free of this.