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Originally Posted by Arcite View Post
OK, I'm zone 60. What's the strategy here? The enemies are really tough, and it's extremely slow going. I even ran 10 maps to get the 200% attack bonus and it's still slow. Equipment costs being cut by 90% isn't as much of a bonus as I thought it was going to be. Do I just need to portal and come back with higher perks?
Just hit Z60. Yay me. But, portaling seems the only choice now. I'm stuck on the final cell of the first map. I was hoping to at least unlock my first Warpstation but now I'm not sure it's possible. I think I'll let the game sit until I can buy one more Coordination and see if that helps but if not, it's time to portal and get on the three new challenges I have.

Reducing Trimp breeding speed was so mean.